(“till” – a word dating back to the 1700s)

Proof of Concept Film

The Don’t Smile Till Easter Screenplay is available for production: prospective Producers are welcome to contact Writer Adrian Stadtmiller as per the email address on the Contact Page.

A first person multiple point of view novel, based on the screenplay, is currently being written.

  • Screenplay co-written by an Australian teacher
  • For & in tribute to teachers with heart
  • If you ever taught a “bad” kid whom you believed had goodness within
  • If you have a strong sense of social justice
  • If you ever wanted to see the underdog student triumph over adversity

Proof of Concept Film Stills

“I scream.”

“Yeah, you!”

“Eat ya heart out, Albert.”

“Another day in paradise.”

“Alas, poor Lukas.”

“Not again.”

“Eat ya heart out, Hugh Jackman.”

“Oh what, ya crawlin’ back?”